Every Spin. Every Bet.

Validated on Demand.

TrustTracker™ empowers players by allowing them to validate the results of every spin or bet helping to solve the problem of trust in online casinos by adding a transparency layer.

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Using the TrustTracker™ app, players can verify their game results in near real time and make sure that the game result was correct and unaltered.

Additional data is also displayed such as Bet hash, Transaction ID, Ledger version, Session ID and Game ID


What is TrustTracker™

TrustTracker™ uses CasinoCoin-powered blockchain technology to verify and store every spin and every bet from your casino in near real time.

By pushing data traditionally stored locally onto the blockchain, your casino can build trust with players while also driving player traffic in a whole new way.

Build Trust

Show the world your casino can be trusted by sharing verified results of every bet

Engage Players

Allow users to check the result of any spin or deal in real-time

Improve Credibility

Verified data means leader-boards and promotions can be better trusted

Boost Acquisition

Share data including RTP and jackpot frequency with affiliates to encourage new players

Build Products

Work with third-parties or internally to develop new UI tools using the data

Streamline Analytics

Use immutably stored data for audit trails and self analytics

How it Works

TrustTracker™ is integrated via a simple API which automatically pushes every bet result onto the CasinoCoin blockchain.

The hash of each result can then be pushed to the player, allowing them to validate the result provided by the operator in near real time against the hash held on the CasinoCoin blockchain.

Use Cases


Problem was struggling to attract affiliates to promote it. The affiliates were all demanding upfront fees and high revenue share agreements.


Using TrustTracker™, offers affiliates access to verified data including RTP and the frequency of jackpot drops, which could be used to more efficiently engage and convert traffic.

Outcome now enjoys a lower CPA with the biggest affiliates using its data to run content including: ‘The Hottest RTP slots this month’.

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